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    The bottom injection type induction melting furnace belongs to the field of a special mechanized pouring equipment on the casting production line of the machinery industry. It is used for mechanized pouring and filling of the molds on the molding line, with the functions of heating, heat preservation and rapid pouring. The furnace body adopts a coreless structure; the molten metal in the electric furnace is heated, insulated and temperature controlled by the induction heating method, and the heating power supply is intermediate frequency; the outlet channel of the molten metal is set at the bottom of the electric furnace. The invention uses bottom injection technology, which can reduce the casting waste rate and improve the quality of the castings. As the metal is smelted, impurities and slag are floating on the liquid surface; bottom pouring can prevent impurities and slag from entering the casting cavity, greatly reducing the appearance of waste. The use of intermediate frequency induction heating technology can replace the backward non-heating pouring machine and the low-efficiency and cumbersome maintenance of the industrial frequency furnace


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