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    Electric furnace industry news
        Operating Regulations for Lining Removal of Induction Melting Furnace
    1 After the lining of the induction melting furnace is quenched, remove the furnace mouth, slagging mouth, and furnace mouth (depth 500 mm), and pay attention to protect the furnace mouth ring and mud slurry from being damaged. To
    2 Turn the furnace body to 90<, the lower part of the furnace is supported by special channel steel to prevent it from falling back, and the upper part of the furnace is supported by channel steel at the same time to prevent the furnace from being pushed up when the furnace lining is pushed out. To
    3 Put a dustbin in front of the induction melting furnace for connecting the furnace lining. To
    4 Connect the lining ejection mechanism to the bottom of the furnace, and connect the hydraulic pipeline. To
    5 Start the hydraulic pump and slowly increase the force of the ejector mechanism to eject the furnace lining. When ejecting 2/3, slow down the speed to protect the furnace bottom from ejecting blocks. To
    6 Induction melting furnace lining ejection mechanism, as long as the ejector rod has pushed the furnace lining, it is not allowed to return the ejector rod before the old furnace is fully ejected, and the ejector rod will cause the ejector block to fall off and no longer Perform ejection work. To
    7 When pushing the old furnace lining away from the furnace shell, be careful not to push the push-out block out of the furnace shell. Use a crane to lift the push-out block out. To
    8 Lift out the ejector block, return the ejector rod, remove the ejector mechanism, and return the furnace to its original position.

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