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    Electric furnace industry news┻臑仟療

    What are the ways to save energy in induction heating furnaces?

    Using induction heating furnaces with fast heating speed, short heating time, energy saving and environmental protection to replace flame furnaces and resistance furnaces, this is to eliminate outdated technologies and equipment with high energy consumption and environmental pollution with new technologies and new equipment. However, the energy-saving aspects of induction heating furnaces should also be reflected in the inductors should have higher thermal and electrical efficiency, so there are several ways to save energy and reduce consumption of induction heating.

    1. Correct selection of current frequency

    The correct selection of the current frequency for the induction heating furnace is very important, which will directly affect the thermal efficiency of the inductor and the heating efficiency of the blank. For example, the cylinder blank of the induction heating furnace, the diameter of the blank. The heating efficiency is better when the ratio to the penetration depth of the current is 2.5~5.5. When D/A <2.5, the heating efficiency of the blank decreases; when D/A>5.5, because the selected current frequency is too high, the heating time is prolonged, the heat loss increases, the thermal efficiency decreases, and the heating efficiency also decreases. The cost of frequency conversion equipment has increased.

    2. Increase the terminal voltage of the sensor

    The increase of the inductor terminal voltage will inevitably increase the number of turns of the induction coil, thereby reducing the current on the induction coil, reducing the power loss of the inductor, improving the electrical efficiency of the inductor, and reducing the water consumption for cooling the induction coil. Increasing the inductor terminal voltage is a better way to save energy in induction heating furnaces, and low voltage and high current induction heating furnace methods should be avoided as much as possible.

    3. Correctly select the current density of the induction coil

    When the current of the inductor is constant, the cross-sectional size of the pure copper tube of the induction coil should be selected to control the current density within a certain range. The current density increases, the power loss of the induction coil increases, and the electrical efficiency of the inductor decreases. Of course, the cross-sectional size of the pure copper tube of the induction coil is also determined by the number of turns of the induction coil and the geometry of the inductor.


    4. Choose good heat and heat insulation materials

    The induction coil is lined with a heat-resistant layer and a heat-insulating layer. The material with good heat-insulating performance and a certain thickness is selected to play a good heat-insulating effect, reduce the heat transfer loss of the blank, and improve the thermal efficiency of the inductor.

    5. Make full use of the cooling water of the sensor

    The tap water for cooling the sensor should be recycled to save water resources. At the same time, the cooled water still has a certain temperature and can be used for other applications to save heat.

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