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    Electric furnace technical information(技术)

    5 advantages of induction melting furnace

    Compared with other electric arc furnaces and cupolas used for smelting metals and alloys, induction melting furnace have the following advantages:

    1. A strong induction current is induced in the heated metal itself to cause the metal to heat and melt, so that the heating temperature is uniform and the burning loss is small, which can avoid local high temperatures like electric arc furnaces. This is of great significance for the smelting of precious metals and rare metals and their alloys. For example, the burning loss of nickel, chromium, vanadium, and tungsten in an induction furnace is 2/3 less than that of an electric arc furnace.

    2. In the induction melting furnace , the molten metal is stirred due to electromagnetic force, so the molten metal has uniform composition and high quality, and the heating equipment will not pollute the metal.

    3. The melting temperature is fast, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high. It can be widely used in the smelting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    4. The temperature around the furnace is low, there is less smoke and dust, and the noise is low, so the working environment is good.

    5. There is no electrode or no fuel, and it can run intermittently or continuously.

    induction melting furnace

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