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    Induction Heating Related Products犢慍瞳

    Points for Attention in Smelting Steels with Poor Magnetic Properties

    1. When smelting some materials with poor magnetic permeability or non-magnetic properties, the main magnetic flux is reduced due to the decrease of magnetic permeability, which reduces the thermal efficiency.

    2. The main magnetic flux and the leakage magnetic flux exist at the same time, and the leakage magnetic flux is often larger than the main magnetic flux. When smelting the steel with poor magnetic permeability or non-magnetic material, the leakage magnetic flux increases. The phenomenon is that the DC current is large and the intermediate frequency induced voltage (DC voltage) is low.

    3. Reliable commutation of the thyristor is achieved by the reverse voltage to make the thyristor reliably shut down. If the voltage of the induction melting furnace and the DC voltage are low, it will make the thyristor commutation difficult, and even the phenomenon of non-turn-off through short circuit will seriously threaten induction melting. Safe operation of the thyristor inside the furnace and the intermediate frequency power supply.

    4. Steel grades with poor magnetic permeability include RH13, 20Mn23AlV, 45Mnl7A13o. When smelting the above-mentioned steel grades with poor magnetic permeability, you must ignore the power and pay close attention to the current changes. First, make the DC current 60% of the rated current of the KP tube. For the following operations, two should pay attention to the DC voltage, and try to make it run at a high voltage, so that the thyristor KK and KP inside the intermediate frequency power supply can be reliably commutated.

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