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    Table 4-3 Common faults and troubleshooting of power frequency coreless induction furnace

    Failure and phenomenon


    elimination method

    Broken cooling water pipe

    Scale clogging

    Regular replacement and cleaning

    Damaged water-cooled cable

    Aging after long-term use

    Regular replacement

    Cracked pipe

    Replace immediately and regularly, check for leaks

    Furnace cooling water temperature rises

    Rust attached to the pipe or blocked by foreign matter

    Pickling or blowing with compressed air when the furnace is empty

    The water pump displacement has not reached the pump capacity

    Repair the water pump and confirm whether the amount of water is appropriate

    Part of the furnace lining has been burned

    Check the burning of the furnace lining and repair it in time

    Coil grounding accident

    Foreign iron beans and foreign objects adhere to the surface of the coil and cause a short circuit

    Daily cleaning, protect with dust-proof tape

    Foreign iron beans, etc. drilled into the gap between the coil and the yoke adhered to the short circuit

    Install dust curtains, refurbish the gap between the stove and the periphery of the stove, brush insulating paint to enhance the insulation between coil layers

    When rebuilding the furnace, due to the iron beans and other metals drilled into the coil, the charge is not completely removed, resulting in a short circuit

    Remove iron beans and other metal objects that are likely to cause short circuits

    Slime iron

    The lining was not compacted during repair

    Use correct tamping method and replace furnace building tools

    Improper sintering (residual moisture, incomplete sintering)

    Follow the sintering process, use anhydrous boric acid, add an appropriate amount

    Mixed with foreign matter

    No foreign objects are allowed to enter

    Improper repair of refractory materials

    Choose and mix the repair materials

    Use time is too long

    Check the furnace diameter and height once a week, control the furnace age, and then build the furnace

    Cracked lining

    Repair or rebuild the furnace according to the size of the cracks

    Transformer failure

    Self-heating when oil temperature rises (under load)

    Regular inspection of refueling and gas analysis of insulating oil

    Oil deterioration (mixed with moisture, natural deterioration, etc.), resulting in a drop in pressure resistance

    Check the air volume of the cooling fan to see if it is blocked

    Capacitor burnout, breakdown

    Spontaneous heating when oil temperature rises

    When removing or replacing the alarm, please pay attention to the operation when the voltage drops and do not exceed the temperature setting value

    Withstand voltage drop due to oil oxidation, natural deterioration, etc.

    Check cooling fan air flow and clogging, Yue times the appearance of periodic inspection (summer to pay special attention)

    Leakage Liquid Detector

    Circuit break


    Poor contact

    Week examination leak detector liquid iron, monthly check point of contact


    Bus connection

    Poor contact of busbar fastening part

    Adjust power factor or phase balance


    Power factor or phase balance imbalance

    Adjust power factor or phase balance

    Short circuit between mechanical phases

    Repair and replace

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