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    Electric furnace technical parameters(

    What are the specific configurations of the 90280 mm round steel induction heating furnace?

    A. Technical requirements for round steel induction heating furnace

    Round steel: 90280mm overall heating, one piece in 60 seconds.

    Heating temperature: 1200

    Requirements: The equipment power is designed according to 400KW, the frequency fo=500HZ, f=800HZ, the compensation capacitor is actually connected with 3 pieces of flat pressure (0.75-1000-1S)

    B. Specific configuration of round steel induction heating furnace

    1. Dimensions: length*width*height=2300*500*560.

    2. Inductor parameters: 165225072 turns, square copper tube 24162.5 flat winding (effective pad surface 24mm), 8 turns in one set, 9 sets in series, a total of 72 turns, theoretical gap 6.9mm, knotted The material is CA340 model, and the furnace lining hole is 135.

    3. The guide rails are made of 16*2 stainless steel pipes, two-way water-cooled.

    4. Winding core mold: 165 *450 one piece

    5. Knotting mold: 135 *2500 one piece

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan