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    Electric furnace principle(原理)

    Analysis of economic and social benefits of induction heating furnace

    The working principle of the reciprocating power frequency induction heating furnace: the power frequency current is used for induction heating, and the current penetration depth is large, which is beneficial to the heating of thick-walled blanks. There is no need to use frequency conversion equipment, and the power used can be unlimited.

    Working principle of copper-clad steel vertical power frequency induction heating furnace:

        The copper-clad steel plate continuously enters the lower part of the inductor from the feeding roller table. The ejecting hydraulic cylinder lifts the copper-clad steel plate and enters the inductor, and rises to the top of the inductor. The uranium-clad steel plate is heated to the required temperature, and the uranium plate is heated to the required temperature. A piece of copper-clad steel plate is clamped in the inductor and sent to the rolling mill for rolling. At the same time, the ejector hydraulic cylinder returns, and the copper clad plate in the entire inductor is again supported by the flipping support mechanism to complete a loading and unloading operation. During the heating process, the inductor is filled with CO as a protective gas to ensure The copper clad sheet after rolling has good adhesion.

    Reciprocating power frequency induction heating furnace has achieved greater economic and social benefits:

        1. Save investment and reduce production costs. The precision forging machine is equipped with 4 reciprocating power frequency induction heating furnaces according to the output. Compared with the triple frequency induction heating furnace of the same output abroad, the investment is only 1/3 of the introduction cost. According to the statistical calculation of the user factory, the cost of heating 1T forging blanks with reciprocating power frequency induction heating furnace is 26% of the heating cost of oil furnace, and the cost savings is considerable based on the annual output of 10,000T forgings.

        2. Short heating time, less metal oxidation, and less environmental pollution. Due to the fast induction heating speed, the thickness of the metal oxide scale is 0.2~0.3mm. It accounts for 0.3% to 0.5% of the metal weight, and the thickness of the oxide scale heated by the oil furnace is 3-5mm, which accounts for 3% to 4% of the metal weight. The annual output of 10,000T forgings can reduce metal burning loss by 300t. If the hollow cylindrical blank is punched on the precision forging machine, such thick oxide scale is not allowed.

        3. Low power consumption and high heating efficiency. This set of reciprocating power frequency induction heating furnace has small heat loss and high thermal efficiency. The electrical parameters and structure of the inductor are reasonable, and reasonable heating process parameters are selected, so the total heating efficiency of the furnace is higher, and the power consumption is small. The unit power consumption of the blank is 330kW. h/T.

        4. The heating temperature is uniform and the forging quality is good. After many temperature measurement tests, the temperature of the blank heated by the furnace is uniform, the radial temperature difference is less than 30°C, and the axial temperature difference is less than 90°C, which ensures the quality of the forgings of the precision forging machine.

        5. Using a short inductor, the quality of the blank is pressed on the roller, the coil is not stressed, the life is long, and the structure is simple.

        6. The blank reciprocates in the furnace through the inductor, heating and uniform temperature alternately, allowing the use of higher power density, preventing the internal stress that may occur due to too fast heating during heating, and making the heating temperature of the blank more uniform .

        7. Compared with heating furnaces that use coal, oil, and gas as fuel, induction heating furnaces do not produce harmful gases and flue gas, do not pollute the environment, and greatly improve the working conditions of workers.

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