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    The breakthrough development of induction melting furnace dual power supply system

    The breakthrough development of induction melting furnace is to use a set of power supply system to supply power to two furnace bodies, which realizes the working system of no production interval. Practice has proved that the total effective power of an induction melting furnace is usually not fully utilized during the entire melting period. It is necessary to reduce the power or cut off the power when measuring the temperature of molten iron, sampling, removing slag, and tapping iron, especially in the case of pouring. If the pouring time is long, the utilization rate is only about 50%. In order to achieve the required productivity, the rated power of the power supply must be 118 times the utilization rate of 90%. In order to solve this problem, a dual power supply system was successfully developed. The system uses two identical converters and capacitor banks, one set for each furnace body, but both use a common rectifier and transformer to supply power. Each inverter can be individually controlled, and the total effective power can be allocated to two furnace bodies in any proportion. In addition to providing sufficient power for the insulation of one furnace, the remaining power can be used to melt molten iron in another furnace.

    This kind of power supply can transmit power to two furnace bodies at the same time, completely avoiding the switch or adding another set of power supplies, and it is not necessary to switch the power supply to the holding furnace body during the smelting process, so as to maintain the necessary pouring temperature, thereby achieving Two functions of smelting and heat preservation. When a furnace body is under maintenance, the power supply can be isolated from the furnace, and only the other furnace body is powered, which also increases safety.

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