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        Furnace body structure of heavy steel shell induction melting furnace
    With the continuous improvement of the power density of induction melting furnaces, the safety, lining life and noise requirements of the furnace are getting higher and higher, and the rationality of the furnace structure is also more and more important to people. Among them, heavy steel shell furnaces are durable. It has many advantages, such as strong performance, high efficiency and productivity, low noise, easy maintenance and repair.
    The heavy-duty steel shell furnace is different from the frame furnace. It has a high-strength annular steel shell with multiple larger inspection openings. When the furnace is running, the inspection openings are closed, and each inspection opening can be opened during inspection. The internal structure of the heavy-duty steel shell furnace is strong, which can avoid the deformation that may be caused when the iron is poured and prolong the life of the furnace lining. Moreover, due to the enclosed solid steel shell and the addition of sound-absorbing and insulating materials inside, the working noise is greatly reduced. The strong steel shell can also effectively protect the induction coil from the danger of splashing metal, so that the furnace has the greatest safety during operation. In order to effectively heat insulation and increase the life of the furnace lining, the heavy steel shell furnace is also equipped with cooling rings at the top and bottom, which can uniform the temperature of the furnace lining and reduce thermal expansion. The stainless steel cooling ring with low energy consumption and high strength greatly improves the efficiency of the furnace.
    The heavy-duty steel shell furnace not only has a strong steel shell, but also designed a thick-walled tube structure coil specially used for induction melting furnace, and by correctly selecting the distance between the turns of the induction coil, the coil has the highest conversion efficiency and the smallest resistance. On the one hand, the thick-walled tube induction coil has a large current-carrying area and uniform wall thickness, and it is not prone to damage caused by arc and expansion; on the other hand, the coil adopts a special support system, each turn is firmly locked, and the rigidity is good , Reduce the vibration caused by electromagnetic force, greatly extend the service life of the furnace lining. In addition, 60% of the magnetic yoke is covered around the induction coil, which effectively changes the distribution of the magnetic field; at the same time, the isolation cushion also reduces noise and vibration and increases the efficiency of the yoke. The heavy-duty steel shell furnace also uses an extended coil design that extends the induction coil and exceeds the furnace substrate, so that the charge load from the top to the bottom of the furnace body and the magnetic field are very uniformly coupled, which improves the energy conversion efficiency and reduces the generation of magnetic fields. The influence of stirring force on the bottom lining.

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