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    Electric furnace principle(原理)

    Aluminum melting furnace process

    1. Preparation before starting job:

    1.1 Wear neatly and complete labor protection products.

    2. Ingredients:

    2.1 Prepare the raw materials according to the ingredient card.

    2.2 Check whether the furnace frame can be charged.

    3. Feeding of aluminum melting furnace

    3.1 Use a feeder to swing the bottom of the furnace horizontally to avoid missing feed, and be careful not to block the burner or directly hit the bottom of the furnace.

    3.2 Arrange the aluminum ingots neatly by feeding the shaft at the mouth of the furnace, and continue feeding them after the aluminum ingots have melted down to form continuous smelting feeding.

    4. Ignition:

    4.1 After the furnace door is fully opened and blown with a blower for 3-5 minutes, if there is no open flame in the furnace, it will ignite. It is required to close the furnace door to prevent the fire from running out.

    4.2 If it is a new furnace or a cool furnace, use an open flame and raise the temperature. For example, if the furnace is shut down for 5-7 days, perform a uniform heating for 8 hours, and the temperature will reach 800°C; if the furnace is shut down for more than 10 days, it is required to uniformly increase the temperature for 24 hours. The temperature reaches 800℃

    5. Melting in aluminum melting furnace:

    5.1 During smelting, always check the aluminum outlet of each furnace to see if there is any aluminizing and running aluminum.

    5.2 When the aluminum is liquefied to a certain height and the temperature reaches 700-750 degrees, sample and analyze the iron content in the primary aluminum, and at the same time perform slag removal.

    5.3 After the sampling and analysis results come out, if it is qualified, it will be transferred to the holding furnace. If it is unqualified, it will be transferred to the holding furnace to adjust the composition of the holding furnace.

    6. Preparation before transferring to the holding furnace:

    6.1 Put the industrial silicon into the holding furnace before the commutation, and then put it in the middle of the titanium. If the sample analysis result is qualified, directly put into the remaining aluminum ingot; if it is unqualified, adjust the aluminum ingot composition appropriately according to the situation.

    6.2 Start the electronic scale and weigh the total weight of all the raw materials put into the holding furnace before the transfer. Determine the weight of molten aluminum according to the actual situation.

    7. Aluminium melting furnace converter:

    7.1 The converter must be operated by a dedicated person

    7.2 The converter personnel must wear face shields to prevent molten aluminum from splashing and scalding.

    7.3 In the converter, if the flow rate of the molten aluminum is too fast, use a plug to press the upper part of the drain to prevent the molten aluminum from splashing and scalding.

    7.4 Block the aluminum transfer port immediately after the amount of molten aluminum in the holding furnace reaches the production requirements.

    7.5 Clean the transfer entrance of the holding furnace.

    8. Holding furnace operation:

    8.1 When the temperature of the holding furnace reaches 750°C-780°C, stop the fire and open the furnace door.

    8.2 Start the permanent magnetic stirrer to stir for 10-15 minutes, adjust the low, medium and strong three-speed control speed at any time to prevent the aluminum liquid from overflowing, and remove the permanent magnetic stirrer after the stirring is completed.

    8.3 Use a large rake to detect whether the industrial silicon in the aluminum liquid is completely melted. After the melting is completed, take a sample to analyze whether the calcium content is qualified.

    9. Refining in aluminum melting furnace:

    9.1 Observe the amount of scum on the surface of the molten aluminum, and increase or decrease the proportion of refining agent added according to the specific amount. The normal addition ratio of refining agent is 2:1000.

        9.2 The slag removal and refining time is 5-10 minutes,

    9.3 Add corresponding auxiliary materials after slag removal and refining. After the added auxiliary materials are melted, the slag is removed.

    9.4 Stir after slagging, and the stirring time is 5-10 minutes.

    9.5 After the mixing is completed, perform sampling and laboratory analysis. After the ingredients are qualified, perform degassing and refining, and adjust if the ingredients are unqualified.

    9.6 The time for degassing and refining is more than 20 minutes. If the weather is wet, the refining time will be delayed according to the situation.

    9.7 After degassing and refining for 10-15 minutes, take a sample to analyze the pinhole degree. If it is qualified, prepare for the next step. If it fails, continue to degas until the pinhole degree is qualified.

    10. Preparation before casting

         10.1 The preheating distributor reaches about 300℃, and the time is long in winter and short in summer, which is suitable for the time.

         10.2 The casting temperature should reach 650-660℃.

    10.3 Adjust the temperature of the molten aluminum in the furnace. If the temperature of the molten aluminum in the furnace is higher than the casting temperature, add the waste and stir for 3-5 minutes; if the temperature of the molten aluminum in the furnace is lower than the casting temperature, increase the temperature to the casting temperature.

         10.4 Casting personnel must wear protective masks.

    11. Casting:

    11.1 The speed of the caster is determined according to the flow rate of the molten aluminum, and it is adjusted until it is appropriate.

    11.2 Cooling the water supply after one week of operation of the casting machine.

    11.3 The plug is attached to the upper edge to prevent the aluminum liquid from splashing.

    11.4 Beat the prefix and label of the machine, and it is forbidden to beat the casting mold.

    11.5 Put the ingot receiving cart in a suitable position, and the ingot receiving personnel will place it immediately to prevent the aluminum ingot from damaging the casting machine.

    Pay attention to the placement of the car.

    11.6 The replacement of the prefix needs to be prompt, timely and accurate

    11.7 Place the aluminum ingot at the designated location to cool down.

    11.8 The placement of aluminum ingots is not allowed to exceed the height of an ingot; burrs and flashes on the surface are not allowed, and the weight is required to be controlled within 6±0.5Kg.

    12. Packing:

    12.1 After the finished product is qualified in the analysis, pack it with PET tape and packing tongs.

    12.2 Check whether the batch number of the aluminum ingot is clear, write the serial number, check the weight and put it in the warehouse, and control the weight within ±50Kg.

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