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    Electric furnace principle(原理)

    Induction heating furnace body instructions and precautions

    1. The furnace body of the induction heating furnace, also known as the through-type inductor, according to the length of the heated workpiece and the diameter of the workpiece, the inductor can be long or short. But in general, the diathermic sensor is generally relatively long (refers to the axial direction of the heated workpiece), and its purpose is to ensure the heating temperature and the temperature difference between the core and the core surface under the condition of the heating workpiece tempo unchanged.

    2. At present, there are basically two types of lining assembly for induction heating furnace inductors, one is knotted lining, and the other is assembled lining.

        Whether it is knotted lining or fabricated lining, long-term work under high temperature will change (mainly thermal expansion and contraction and oxidation). If used improperly, the heating material will collide and squeeze the furnace lining. Therefore, the use of the furnace lining has a certain period of time. This mainly depends on the situation during use.

        Once the lining of induction heating furnace cracks, if it is a knotted lining, it must be filled with knotting material if the crack does not exceed 2mm. If the crack exceeds 2mm, the lining must be knotted again; if it is a fabricated lining, it must be replaced. Therefore, the user must take the necessary measures in the actual situation, and do not act hastily, causing unnecessary consequences and burning the sensor.

        During the heating process of the inductor, a lot of oxide scale will accumulate in the inductor due to the heating of the workpiece. If the furnace lining is damaged, or there are cracks or cracks, if it is not cleaned up in time, it is easy to catch fire and cause overcurrent protection of the intermediate frequency power supply, and it is easy to break down the inductor coil and cause a short circuit between inductor turns. Therefore, the oxide scale in the inductor furnace is cleaned at least once every shift.

    3. The inductor coil of induction heating furnace is usually through water, and the heat generated by it is mainly taken away by water cooling. Therefore, there must be sufficient water flow and water pressure to ensure that the copper pipe of the sensor flows through the necessary amount of water. Therefore, the working pressure of the cooling water should not be lower than the outlet water temperature and less than 55°C. If the water pressure is not enough, it will cause the inductor coil to vaporize and heat up. If it is not found in time, the copper pipe will break and water will overflow. And the sensor is under high temperature working conditions, at this time, it is likely to explode, so the sensor water cooling is extremely important.

    4. The new sensor that has just been put into production must be baked at low power (usually 15-20% of the rated power) after being switched on, and the heating work piece must be placed in the induction furnace for heating and holding for about 1-2 hours. The reason is that the manufacturer must pass water in the sensor during the commissioning process. After commissioning, there must be residual water in the copper tube of the sensor. Especially in winter, it may form very thin ice. Therefore, the sensor must be trendy. In order to ensure the service life of the furnace lining, the newly put into production of the inductor must be baked at low power, and then start production at high power after 2 hours.

    5. The water-cooled guide rail in the inductor of the induction heating furnace is actually the moving track of the heated workpiece, which has been working under high temperature. If the water flow is insufficient or the water pressure is not enough, vaporization, burning, deformation will occur, and the heated workpiece will not be able to pass through the inductor. Therefore, the water cooling of the water-cooled guide rail is also extremely important.

        The water-cooled guide rail of the induction heating furnace is worn during use, and the wall thickness of the water-cooled guide rail is generally 2mm. Therefore, there is a certain period of time for the use of water-cooled guide rails. If it wears too much, it must be replaced. Otherwise, once the water leaks, it will cause the rapid cooling of the furnace lining, which directly affects the effect of the furnace lining.

        Induction heating furnace dry guide rail (no water flow), once worn or deformed, must be replaced. It is forbidden to use the furnace lining as a guide rail for heating the workpiece. In short, the diathermic sensor must be inspected while observing during use. If problems are found, they should be dealt with in time. Only in this way can the normal use of the sensor be guaranteed without affecting production.




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