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    Electric furnace principle(原理)

    Maintenance personnel of induction melting furnace must undergo technical training before they can work

    Induction melting furnace maintenance personnel should receive good technical training, and constantly learn the basic theoretical knowledge of electrical and power electronic technology, especially technical training for specific induction melting furnace maintenance. The first is to participate in relevant training courses and actual training on the site of induction melting furnace maintenance and installation, and then learn from experienced maintenance personnel, and more importantly, long-term self-study. As induction melting furnace maintenance personnel, we must not only pay attention to analysis and accumulation, but also It should also be diligent in learning and good at thinking. Induction melting furnace maintenance manuals often contain many contents, including operation, connection, installation and commissioning, maintenance manuals, function descriptions, etc. These manuals should be studied comprehensively and systematically during actual maintenance. Therefore, as a maintenance person, you must understand the structure of the induction melting furnace maintenance system, and guide the maintenance work based on actual needs and combined with the maintenance information.

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