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    Gold melting furnace control cabinet and power distribution requirements

    1) Main switch: The incoming line must be a three-wire five-wire system, that is, three-phase power, one-phase ground wire, and one-phase neutral wire are fixed with wiring lugs. The switch specification capacity is less than the load of the sub-switch and the melting furnace. The main switch is far away from the DC24V power supply. The main circuit uses AC380V or AC220V, and the control circuit uses DC24V.

    2) The ground line bar and the neutral line bar are marked and fixed separately, and there must be a cross-grounding wire on the control cabinet door.

    3) The control cabinet door must be marked with the control direction icon of each sub-switch.

    4) There must be a ventilation device in the control cabinet (the axial flow fan and the air inlet grid form a convection), and the air exchange port must be equipped with a dust filter.

    5) The lighting device in the control cabinet must be intact to ensure that the door is turned on, or a switch is installed to control the lighting.

    6) All wiring must be standardized and incorporated into the trunking, and the wiring number must be clearly marked. The wire number must not fade and conform to the drawing. The wire diameter is selected appropriately, and the infrared thermometer is used to check that there is no overheating or overloading of the lines.

    7) Insulation protection boards and rodent-proof boards must be installed for large exposed switch wiring and copper bars.

    8) Insulation grade, size and other rubber pads that meet safety requirements must be laid in front of the control cabinet.

    9) For the motor control method: air switch + contactor + thermal relay or motor protection switch + contactor for control system.

    10) Fixing method: The electrical components are fixed on the control cabinet with 35mm standard guide rails.

    11) Wiring method: Fix with terminal and mark the wire number;

    12) PLC part: PLC power supply has corresponding protection facilities; PLC is installed firmly and well ventilated; input and output are distinguished by two lines; there are more than 5 I/O points for backup.

    13) Inverter part: the capacity is one level higher than the rated power of the motor; the incoming line has a reasonable protection system;

    14) Multi-core flexible wire wiring trough is used in the cabinet; 220V and DC24V wire colors are separated; the wires are free in the trough; the outlet of the power distribution line is protected with rubber; the end of the wire has a standard wire number.

    15) Wiring terminal part: the terminal is installed at the lower end of the control cabinet, 380V and DC24V are installed separately; the power distribution cabinet is connected to the peripheral silver melting furnace with aviation plugs or wiring terminals.

    16) The external trunking is standardized and safe, and it is stepped on and not deformed.

    17) The cables and wires of the production line in the trenches need to be routed in troughs, and they must be reasonably distributed with water and air paths.

    18) The connection line number marks of the input and output parts of the silver melting furnace are clear, durable, and easy to find on site; they will not be lost due to replacement of parts; 

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